Frequently questions

Modifying the website?

If you currently have web and makes changes to text or photographs may invirteixi longer than initially thought devoted to this activity.

Such tasks commonly CMS standardized tools, processes that become quickly away from its apparent simplicity, in relation to the frequency and amount of information we need.

Your time also consider, so we develop wide range of environments and processes automated and fully customized for each business activity related to the web, allowing each client to invest the minimum time possible Web tasks in order to concentrate on more profitable and its activity.

We do not use third party content managers or staff mainly due to all the developments that are under a different and unique concept for: better scalability, faster, safer, better adaptability, cost savings and ease of use.

build content management systems tailored to each client according to different factors and offering a perfect fit for the activity ..

simplify this complex for ease of use and time spent by managers, officers or departments. A minimum financial investment, less time spent, more control and better results.

The website is your image

You might not realize that our image, products and services are reflected in our website.

It is a common mistake not giving enough importance to what we are showing. And liked enough to captivate the hundreds of visitors who consult our website is part of the success. 80% of Internet sales are related to the first impression that offers visitors, regardless of the product or service offered. The visitor chooses between us and the rest of the competition. The image and a web services that visitors prefer the decision in our favor.

We design, create web form and our customers to take full advantage of the Internet to avoid common mistakes and ignorance, misuse or incorrect implementations.

Although investing in advertising or periodic positioning task becomes difficult to get the desired results if our website does not have certain conditions. more.

Web Security

often overlooked point that can bring us more of a headache, security. The website, our email, our social profiles are entry point for all kinds of visitors.

advise Internet security because it has from the outset.

Flexibility web

In most cases, the owners are unaware of the characteristics of a web service contract with your provider.

Given certain number of visits we can overcome the limits of traffic resulting in extra expenditure contracted monthly which we did not. All site developed trading techno include unlimited traffic. Additionally easy to use web design environments for our customers, reduce maintenance costs wealth, improve its functionality and increasing the speed among other improvements.

The value of the data

Many companies provide tools for managing social network services, search engines, etc. All they require to run a permanent and raw material: our data.

It is easy to forget our own web identity as significant differential and powerful with respect to the idea that some services in the future we will report the best results. In most cases, not yet obtained long-term, we accept as normal that is.

Our task is to advise and implement solutions to get the desired results, besides adding a dose of common sense.

What is a native web development?

can be defined as the creation of applications using the programming language created by the same manufacturer for the system used. A web application or web development defines the web without external dependencies, without the use of frameworks or CMS plugin or other third party tools.

The result is that applications and developments in natively provide significant and important improvements: better performance, faster, safer, better adaptability, scalability and better stability compared to other alternatives with less effectiveness. Trading techno developed exclusively native and web applications.

What is marketing 360?

It defines the information created in multiple formats and act in combination to obtain a better result. Design and create marketing campaigns 360 integrated information technology.